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Well when i was little... I lived with my mom and my dad.. well that didn't last very long.. My father beat on my mother-- and I was only 4... I later on moved with one of my moms boyfriends... He turned out to love my mom-- and I was happy with that-- so, I went to school, made good grades, and got rewarded for it... I was 7 years old, and people said that one day I would win a grammy-- (all my teachers said i looked like a good dancer).. But later on that year I started to win awards (for school).. and of course I kept getting rewarded.. I saw this movie called "A Thin Line Between Love and Hate" (That movie made me wanna treat a woman real real good).. The reason that was so important is because, I heard my first favorite song in that CD.. The song was called "Knocks Me Off My Feet" by Tevin Campbell, well I always sung that and I got mad compliments.. My family said I need to start singing in church... Well 2 years later I heard "You Make Me Wanna".. and I liked it, so I got the album... But in that time my mom broke up with her current boyfriend.. (he went to jail)... So another relationship.. we moved in, and my mom was in deep love with this guy--- I could tell it, but I could also tell that he would not treat her right.... Well later on that year I signed up for a talent show.. and I had everything-- (I was the only boy to have a girl Preschool-5th grade) I also was a Aaliyah lover, I loved "One In A Million"...I sung Usher's song "Slow Jam", and they told me I would win the contest before it even started... I was happy at that, but for some reason, my mom didn't want me to enter.. she took me out.. and i was alittle confused and mad... but later on that year.. I also sung out-- "Nice & Slow" and I went to buy Usher's first album... well from then on people started callin me Ush-- (I sung, danced (Kinda--lol), and dressed like him)... Well in 2000, My mom got hurt really, really bad by her b/f and the bad thing about it.. she still loved him--..I was mad as hell, but I moved on... I heard on later that year that Usher was supposed to come out with an album that year (2000) and I was counting down-- well actually 2000 was the most depressing year-- but I did have a role model, my grand father, I loved him, and he was the only role-model i had left, and he passed away in 2000, in December-- He was on 58.... Later on in 2001, I also started to like Musiq Soulchild... started to sing some songs of him... But only at 13-- I started to love girls more and more , but I never thought that at 13 I would love that deep, I got hurt, the girl cheated on me-- lets just say that she was Tworkin it.. with someone else... But then "8701" came out.. I listened to it and fell in love with the music... But at 14 I started to put some anger into writing songs (I have wrote over 400 songs) But the problem is.. My voice is maturing, and can't sing at the same caliber as I used too ... Now 15, and more mature than ever, I have learned to trust my heart, but that has also left me in some trouble-- I've been hurt 12 times in 2 years... And the ONLY MALE ROLE-MODEL I have left is Usher, and I hope I get to meet him someday.. He is my only mentor I have left..  and oh by the way if u didn't know, I got it bad for Ashanti... :)

"Pop Ya Collar, Tip Ya Hat and turn your back on the ones that hated U"